What is self-defence?

Self-defence or the ability to protect yourself against attavkers is one of the main reasons start training in martial arts. Self-defence can refer to any action you take to protect yourself from someone who means you harm. It's important to note that Taekwondo and other matial arts should only ever be used in self-defence and not used to cause harm to others. If you do need to defend yourself; use it. Don't be the one to start a conflict!

areas to strike

The image opposite includes some of the most vulnerable areas to strike when you need to defend yourself. Remember that if you are forced into a confrontation your goal should be to end it quicly and get away safely. Striking these areas can help give you time to escape and stop attackers.

self-defence in taekwondo

Spinning Kick won't go into detail of self-defence techniques as they are wide ranging and it often depends on the situation, the attacker and your own skills. Self-defence techniques are usually taught in Taekwondo clubs although there may be a mot of variety in what is taught and how often. In some Taekwondo clubs, self-defence is taught more for older or senior students who can better understand the risks and application of the techniques. If you need more information regarding self-defence or when it is appropriate to use, speak to your own instructor.

self defence