Kicking techniques are the most well known aspect of Taekwondo training and the range of kicks that can be performed is massive. Nearly all kicks in Taekwondo can also be performed with a step, spin, or jump which makes the kicks even more varied and adaptable, giving you ways to build and improve on your kicking techniques.




In terms of self defence blocking is a key component of martial arts training and feeds into other areas of Taekwondo. Basic blocks are taught to beginners and as you progress through Taekwondo the blocks you are taught will become more complex. In one step sparring blocks are regularly used as they are in patterns and so developing this area.



Fist, elbow, and hand are just some of the body parts good for striking with. By developing a strong range of striking techniques you will be able to strike with power and accuracy which is particularly useful in both one step sparring and self defence. Further to this the range of strikes used in Taekwondo increases as you move through the grades which is reflected in the patterns you learn as you progress.