If you want to carry on improving your Taekwondo we have a range of ebooks available to help you out! All of our ebooks are published on smashwords and distributed to retailers including Apple and Kobo. Click on any of the images to go to that ebooks smashwords page which includes other retailer links, or go check out my author profile. You can also check out our great range of Taekwondo themed designs available on Redbubble.




This is our ultimate guide to the basics of Taekwondo and covers everything from sparring to patterns and the basic kicks used. 

To ensure our information is up to date we occasionally update the ebooks with more information. If this is the case the updated file becomes available to you at no extra cost from where you purchase it.


Learn more about how Taekwondo developed and the various philosophies and principles associated with this Korean martial art.


Bursting with inspirational quotes and ideas on how to motivate yourself for life, check out this guide on empowering yourself and changing your mindset to make your motivation last!


If you are only interested in learning about a particular pattern you should check out our step by step guides to each individual pattern, including more detailed information about the origin of the pattern and what it represents.

To give you the best help possible I am looking at how to create the highest quality images for our help guides as well as developing more of our pattern guides, so keep checking back for the latest!


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