It's easy to get a bit confused with all the different kicking techniques used in Taekwondo, but our help guides will hopefully make things a little easier! Check them out for more information about each kick including how to perform it.


Basic Kicks

These are the more basic kicks that are commonly used in beginner level patterns and are used as the basis for developing more complicated kicks. They can also be performed using different stepping techniques and in some cases as a reverse technique, however this is normally learnt at a higher level.
Our quick guide to the basic stepping techniques in Teakwondo simplifies all of the stages used in the steps as well as what each stepping technique is used for.
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Front Snap Kick
Push Kick
Side Kick
Turning Kick

Stepping & Spin Techniques


These techniques are normally a bit more advanced and may take some more practice. Different Taekwondo clubs and styles might also use slightly different names for them, so don't be put off if it's not the name you're used to.

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Stepping Techniques